“As a big fan of Explosions in the Sky, my ears have fallen in love with the instrumental sonic majesticness that Those Who Ride With Giants have achieved on their self-titled debut EP. While the “band” is really just one man – Sydney, Australia’s illustrator/animator/instrumental art rocker MJ Callaghan – the multi-layered instrumentation and spacious atmospherics make these performances feel like a full band playing off each other in the same room at the same time. So far, my favorite track on the EP is “The Mountain Seed” but “The Warmth of the Old Tavern” is fighting hard to overtake that designation.”

– Will Hodge, NoiseTrade.com (Sept. 27th, 2014)

The Encounter against the Moonlight


THOSE WHO RIDE WITH GIANTS is the pseudonym of MJ Callaghan, a musician, illustrator and animator based out of Sydney, Australia.

Creating a musical style of instrumental art rock, his art has been influenced by other artists such as Caspian, This Will Destroy You, Explosions in the Sky and Mogwai.

The most recent release “Numinous” is a continuation of the first release “Those Who Ride With Giants” EP, an emotional adventure following the story of a seafaring voyage, and the encounters it experiences along the way.

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